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    In the "Guitar School Hannover" you learn to play the guitar with fun and the latest teaching methods. Which style are you interested in? Rock, blues, metal, jazz, classical or pop - on the electric or acoustic guitar - for beginners, advanced or professional musicians. Our guitar teachers offer lessons at every level. We organise the guitar lessons according to your individual (musical) wishes - with or without musical notes. In addition, we offer online guitar lessons in high image and sound quality via the music lesson platform Doozzoo as well as via Skype or Zoom.

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Guitar teacher


Ralf Sommerfeld

Professional guitar teacher

Over 30 years experience on the guitar

Studies at the Guitar Institute Of Technology (G.I.T.) in Los Angeles, USA

Classical education at the University of Hildesheim

Musical activities as live and studio musician

Official Ibanez Artist since 1998

Official Cort acoustic guitar artist since 2019

Endorser(demonstrator) for Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Ovation

Release of several own music CDs

Over 1.000000 clicks on YouTube

Over 1000 live performances/workshops/clinics etc.

Ralf shows the whole range of the Guitar School.

Guitar School Prices

150,- € per month for 45 minutes
Private lessons weekly

110,- € per month for 30 minutes
Private lessons weekly

Trial lessons

Free guitar trial lessons,even without your own guitars, you can always arrange with us!

Guitar School Contakt:

Guitar School Hannover
Stephansplatz 2a
30171 Hannover
Tel. 0511 3886693
(Ralf Sommerfeld)

Online contact

I would like to take a trial lesson
Online or Skype lessons
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Customer reviews

Ulf Karsten

“I´ve worked with a lot of guitar teachers – Ralf is the best, definitively. The atmosphere is always relaxed, he knows all the techniques of playing and is extremely patient. Playing always comes first – and is fun, simply speaking. He is always fair and reliable, go there!”

Axel Hecker

“Utmost competence and individually arranged lessons, open for all styles and incredibly competent with the guitar. What more could you ask for.”

Susanne Dreyer

“Looking for a good and experienced guitar teacher, R. S. was recommended by a renowned music store in Hannover. They told me he was by far the best guitar teacher in Hannover and its surroundings. It´s a great pleasure to confirm this after having had lessons for three years now. Each lesson with Ralf is cool and relaxed, it´s always got the proper dosage of new techniques and knowledge of playing the guitar. I´d also like to thank Ralf for the competent advice on choosing my new concert guitar. So, Ralf, praise in the highest tones from Susanne.”

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